About Us

West Coast Youth and Community Support (WCYCS) is proudly a regional, local youth focussed service providing opportunities for young people through leadership skill development, training, employment and education. WCYCS also provides crucial homeless services to people on the Lower Eyre Peninsula through specialist services. Our organisation is proud to deliver a youth focussed family and adolescent counselling service in our community and the promotion of a Mentally Fit EP through program based activities and counselling services.

We believe in supporting young people with every opportunity possible for them to develop into active citizens and participate fully in their communities.

We also believe that young people who are supported to be included and have their voices heard are more likely to return and live in their regional communities after accessing higher education or initial employment.


WCYCS is a vibrant, responsive, client focussed service that empowers young people, individuals and families on the Eyre Peninsula to implement changes enabling access to housing, training and healthy community participation.


We aspire to a thriving community where all people are valued.

Our Achievements

  • 323
  • Homelessness Support Clients
  • 418
  • People Provided With Services
  • 85
  • Adults Provided Accommodation