Who are West Coast Youth & Community Support?

That’s a great question. Many people who we offer support too are experiencing difficulties and challenges that remain hidden in our local communities.

We have a whole team dedicated to helping the homeless find suitable accommodation to keep them safe and off of the streets which people of all ages are eligible for (adults, young people and families), we provide Youth crisis accommodation to young people 15-17 who need somewhere safe to stay and family relationship support to ensure that these relationships can stay on track through the difficulties of our life journeys. On top of that we have a fantastic team of enthusiastic Youth Workers who actively and assertively engage with young people through our Youth Programs Department. We offer a variety of activities including case management and program support to ensure young people can be supported to maintain their educational engagement or get reengaged.

We also are fortunate to support our young people via the hosting of our local Youth Advisory Committee dedicated to ensure that young people’s voices are genuinely heard in program planning and community development as well as running multiple leadership and development programs and camps each year for young people. Our Youth Workers  work extremely hard to ensure there are after hour’s social activities and training support for young people in our region that may not otherwise get the chance to access these opportunities.

We are very pleased to now have a passionate “expert by experience” community development officer creating events and initiatives to promote mental wellbeing within our region. We are also fortunate to continue to have 2 qualified counsellors who offer guidance and provide hope to people suffering from mental ill health issues aged between 12 and 25 and their families, sometimes the ability to offer support to families as a whole is what is most needed. As we come to realise, just because you can’t always see things, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Everything we do at West Coast Youth and Community Support is designed to empower youth and community members to take charge of their life. We have a vision to create a connected community where all members of it feel valued and have access to housing, emotional support education and employment.

Our program departments include the following and formal referrals are not required for most support, we pride ourselves on ensuring we are a local service for a local community and that there will always be someone available for our community that can provide information on what help is out there! – Life is a Circus – A Mentally Fit EP – Youth Programs – Homelessness – Family and Community Development.